Overview of Bond McKenzie

Bond McKenzie is a specialist independent recruitment consultancy based in London. Formed by highly trained and experienced recruiters from larger consultancies, it has evolved into a recognised market leader in resourcing services.

As with most companies today, we recognise that our staff are our most important asset in terms of our current success and future growth. All consultants undergo ongoing and regular training geared towards their specialist areas, general recruitment practice and future development within the company. In all divisions consultants have specific areas of expertise that they are encouraged to develop. However, we believe that a multi skilled consultant is better able to keep a full grasp on the changing trends across all financial and commercial sectors, thereby maximising our services to clients.

Bond McKenzie maintains a very high profile with constant advertising in recruitment media, together with significant national and international exposure. However, we are also proud of the fact that a significant percentage of our candidates are sourced by word of mouth, which we believe is a testament to both our longevity and level of service.

A Service Tailor Made for Individual Client Needs

Flexibility, adaptability and service are probably the three words with which we would most like to be associated. Whilst it is important to understand that certain principles apply to all recruitment exercises, it is essential to understand that each client’s needs are different and therefore the approach and methods employed must be the ones that best serve our clients.

Whether we utilise database search, advertising selection, client paid advertising, executive search or a combination of methods, our clients are assured that their requirements will receive undivided attention to ensure a cost and time effective solution. We are proud to offer a flexible service designed to adapt to the individual client requirements.

Candidate Selection

All candidates undergo a thorough assessment process, to ensure their suitability for ongoing vacancies. The interview procedure consists of an investigation of all areas of the candidate’s CV. Particular attention is paid to the level of achievements both academically and professionally, length of service, reasons for leaving, previous employment and qualifications gained. Our aim is to establish what career path our candidates wish to pursue.

It is essential that all candidates provide a full CV. On completion of the in-depth interview, the consultant will then transfer the information onto our live database.

All CVs then forwarded to our clients will include a short profile on the individual, written by the consultant who originally met the individual. Before a candidate attends an interview, they are fully briefed on the position and the merits of the company they are visiting.